Loving care and gentle simulation


Green Bay Montessori Children's World Infant program is designed for working parents with children from six weeks to twenty months.

The Infant program is designed to duplicate the loving care and gentle stimulation that an infant needs to grow and develop to his or her full potential.  Flexible scheduling allows each child to eat, sleep or play at his or her own natural schedule.

Our teachers will see to your child's individual needs.  A child to teacher ratio of 4 to 1 ensures children are provided with a secure and nuturing environment, filled with love and trust. 

In following the Montessori Method, we offer a carefully prepared enviornment where children can develop naturally at their own pace.  Our infant classroom is designed for safe and stimulating exploration and adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness.  Our teachers utilize learning material designed to meet the specific need of your child's current developmental stage.  Our infants also receive extensive language exposure through games, songs, confersations and positive talk.