Open to preschool and former student grades 1-4


We offer an optional "Summer Camp" for pre-school and elementary students.  Students must be enrolled in our pre-school or elementary program to be accepted in our summer camp.  Depending on availability, past students may be enrolled in the summer program.  In order to accommodate a flexible summer schedule, family vacations, other enrichment programs within the community, parents are provided with the calendar for the summer and select the days they wish to have their child enrolled.  Both morning (6:45 AM to Noon) and full day (6:45 AM - 5:30 PM) sessions are available.  The summer format includes many outdoor activities, a classroom academic program, daily swim lessons, dance, gymnastics, sports, and physical education.  Students are bussed to the Green Bay YMCA for swim, dance, gymnastics, sports, and physical education.  

Toddlers have many interesting outdoor activities during the summer session but are not transported to the YMCA.